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Team Coaching

I offer Team coaching using Swedish or English. As a NLP coach, I focus on your thought patterns, especially those that limit you in your life and create stress. I coach you as a Leader together with you team to be more effective in creating change and personal development through the power of thought and Mindpower. It is an effective tool for dealing with stress in your everyday life and to find inner focus, peace and power. Blabalbalb

What is Team Coaching?

With nearly 20 years experience of Leadership, Project & Event Management and ..... in various industries, I started incorporating Coaching, Self Leadership & -Development, Self-Worth and Mindpower in my toolbox. "There is no I in TEAM" is a myth! I have found that by focusing on each individuals' unique setup of strengths, weaknesses, needs and feelings I have been the best leader, resulting in great loyalty, efficiency and results. I aspire to bring back the Human into what we call "Human Resource". 

I wish to inspire leaders to find the golden recipe for a workforce in Flow, where each individual is truly seen and supported to become their own greatest inspiration. By each individual increasing their well-being we create a place where we function at our highest level, together.

The years abroad have taught me to be open and adapt to different beliefs, perspectives and wishes in order to create understanding and a well-functioning collaboration between different individuals, cultures and shareholders. I see this as my main strength, an important key when people from different organizations, backgrounds and approaches are to achieve common goals.

I am a certified Life and NLP Coach focusing on the power that our thought patters have on our daily lives. As a coach and inspirational speaker I guide individuals and teams away from stress and stuckness towards improved efficiency, goalsetting, mental wellbeing and stress management. To inspire and support individuals in developing into the best version of themselves, by giving access to simple tools in Self-Awareness, -Acceptance & -Appreciation.

When we start seeing each individuals strength and talents and make sure they have the right resources accessible to them, magic happens. When we start to ask ourselves How do I as an individual contribute at my best and stand steady in my own power. This is a person in FLOW, that create and achieve faster and better than ever before.

NLP Coaching Mindpower

I am available for in person- NLP coaching in Helsingborg, Skåne and surrounds every month.

Contact me on to enquire about the upcoming months Helsingborg dates. 


Book a free of charge 15-minute call via phone or online to start your NLP coaching in Helsingborg, Skåne today.

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