Life Coaching Online

I offer life coaching online, using Swedish or English. As a life coach, I focus on your thought patterns, especially those that limit you in your life and create stress. As the name Self-Worth Safari shows, my focus is on the journey (safari) of personal development through Self-esteem and Self-worth.

My own safari has shown me that self-awareness, acceptance and appreciation have been the key to a life of well-being.

It is an effective tool for dealing with stress in your everyday life and to find inner focus, peace and power.

What is Life Coaching Online?

A life coach helps you find tools that get you from your life situation today to the life situation you wish to be in. It is about making you become who you want to be, to live to your full potential. In our sessions, your current situation and the situation you want for yourself is mapped out. We decide the way forward together in order to make you feel comfortable with the work ahead. During the sessions with your life coach, questions are asked, you get exercises and are challenged to gain insights into who you are and who you want to be.


A life coach focuses on the thought and behavior patterns you have. This focus is common with psychological specializations such as CBT, cognitive behavioral psychology, and "positive psychology". Life coaching focuses on what you are experiencing right now, your vision for the future and the way forward, unlike therapy where the focus is often on the past, gaining insights into the problems you have and healing. As our feelings and behaviors are closely linked to our recurring thoughts, the life coach focuses on your thought patterns that can influence these and will coach you to well-being.


The process of coaching can help you move forward in basically all aspects of life, hence the name Life coaching.


Some examples of areas that can be improved through life coaching are;

* Clarifying the direction of life

* Finding balance in life through managing stress levels

* Increasing self-confidence, self-worth and self-esteem

* Relationships at your work, partnerships, parenting, friends, colleagues, etc.

* Act according to your life goals, set and execute them.

How can Life Coaching help me?

I am available for life coaching online, via Zoom, Google Meets or Teams.

Get ready with a nice cup of coffee or tea and let us get the Self-Worth Safari started!

Book a free of charge 15-minute call via phone or online to start your life coaching online today.