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NLP Coaching Helsingborg

I offer NLP coaching in Helsingborg, using Swedish or English. As a NLP coach, I focus on your thought patterns, especially those that limit you in your life and create stress. I coach you to be more effective in creating change and personal development through the power of thought and Mindpower. It is an effective tool for dealing with stress in your everyday life and to find inner focus, peace and power.

What is NLP Coaching in Helsingborg?

NLP stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming and is all about self-awareness, identity exploration and the power that the thought patterns have in your life.


NLP coaching provides techniques and tools that gives you access to work with your subconscious in depth, to understand your subconscious filters and then, through the power of thought, create new strategies and behaviors that can lead to new desired results.


NLP techniques are based on the assumption that you are responsible for your thoughts and therefore your results. That you have the power, creativity and resources to choose how the internal representation is created through your thoughts and can be changed to achieve your desired goals. All with the help of the power of your mind.


For more information on the process of NLP Coaching Click Here

NLP Coaching Mindpower

I am available for in person- NLP coaching in Helsingborg, Skåne and surrounds every month.

Contact me on to enquire about the upcoming months Helsingborg dates. 


Book a free of charge 15-minute call via phone or online to start your NLP coaching in Helsingborg, Skåne today.

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